Saturday, March 04, 2006

Driving Thoughts

I saw a movie where someone said to his lover
I can’t quit you
yeah you know the movie, all the hype
but the quitting you thing
sort of sucked a little molecule
in the left aorta
where I keep the dumb stuff
stuff that seeps into my brain when I’m driving
the shortcut through the park
and that one tree, a magnolia maybe

and the flow of quitting you thoughts
seems to make the damn magnolia
lonely especially
in February when it looks tired
and it wishes for May like I do
because I have to wear a ski cap
and I look manly in them because my hair is so short
but my ears
they’ll fall off if I don’t

and the flow from the aorta
to my brain at the red light
just past the tree
is that
I can’t quit you molecule
and there’s an image of me
standing next to the tree
saying to no one in particular
I can’t quit you
and the tree
even in May
as I say
it looks like February


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