Friday, May 05, 2006

As my daughter turns 10: Her lunch is on my mind

I cannot write about peanut butter and jelly
school lunches and milk in mini-cartons

I cannot write about ham sandwiches with lettuce
and mayonnaise, crusts off, cut into triangles

I have no metaphor for oozing jelly
I can’t describe the cafeteria smell of brown bags

I can’t convey my disdain for kids with polished saddle shoes
and notes in their lunch bags

I can say that 11 years ago I went to a bookstore
that sold packets of lunch box note cards

They said, “Have a great day,” “Good luck on the test,”
“Here’s your favorite, enjoy!”

They had “XOXO” stickers to fold and close them
I bought three packages, I did not yet have children


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